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Not sure if I need to do anything fancy with the new card I'm getting (Nvidia Geforce 650ti) but I wanted to know if I have to install some kind of driver or something. (I'm asking this question because my pc came pre-built but I've been looking for a new card and I think this is the one) Anyway I just wanted to know how much of a hassle installing a new card really is, I know how to actually put it inside the motherboard and such but I wanted to know if I have to just pop in a disc or enter into the bios to change something. All help is appreciated, thanks!
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  1. it will most likely come with a disk. but your bios should be already set to pci adapter first, so just put it in, boot up with it connected to your monitor, and if it came with a disk just put it in and let it install the driver, but if it has no disk you can just go online and find the right driver for it. it will still work without the driver installed, but your resolution will be all screwy until you get the driver installed.
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    It's actually very easy, try watching some youtube video's to give you an idea.

    You simply slot your new GPU into the PCI slot and connect to the power supply. You can either use the driver disk provided or download a new one from the GPU manufac's site. <(I would recommend this as they;re usually more optimized)
  3. If your PC came with just integrated video you should go into the Bios as Devin said and set it up to boot on PCI-E Graphics adapter. If it came with a VGA card the you should remove the old display drivers. Most of the driver disk today will do this automatically for you. I just do it myself to eliminate that becoming an issue. Be sure the card is completely seated into the bus and screwed down to the back of the PC. Be sure the required power connectors are attached the the VGA card, and you should be ready to go. I'd use the driver disk that came with the card. If it comes with the nVidia experience it will check for the latest drivers for you and allow you to have the card setting optimized to you favorite games with the hit of a button.
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