Upgrading PSU and Graphics Card need help

I am upgrading my HP HPE pavilion h8-1214 graphics card and PSU. (specs here
I am going to get the MSI N750Ti-2GD5/OC fot the graphics card and the Antec VP-450 450 Watt.I need to know if the Antec PSU is compatible with my pc.Also in the HP's demonstration on how to change the components they said to have a conductive foam pad and a ESD wrist strap.Are the wrist strap and pad needed?
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  1. Your PC will run single GTX-750ti with no problem according to your link and for conductive things you need nothing, when you change your parts just touch something metal and don't wear wool clothes.
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    Your PSU has 36amps on combined 12vrail and GTX-750ti requieres 400W or greater PSU with 20amps on a 12v rail!
  3. lackysami said:
    no they are not needed, just touch something metal like your case if it has metal. you can kill parts if you don't touch so the electricity leaves from you. (about the wrist wrap question) and no need for the pad either. they are just suggestions. only thing you need is a screwdriver and get atleast corsair PSU or XFX/seasonic if you can. they are higher quality then corsair but corsair is fine.

    Why change PSU when his PSU is sufficient to run single GTX-750?
  4. Thankyou for all the answers! as to why i'm upgrading my PSU it was recommended by the NVidia team
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