Dell Dimension e520 Graphics Card Upgrade - Vibrancy important

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my father's Dell Dimension e520 to Windows 7, however he is not happy with the display now even though the hardware is the same - particularly he finds that the colours are not vibrant enough or the details sharp either.

I wondered if anyone could recommend a graphics card to replace the onboard Intel one which could allow for flexibility in these areas? Thanks.
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  1. A graphics card will make no difference. Make sure you have the correct graphics drivers installed, and that the screen is at the right resolution.

    EDIT: and try fiddling with the screen settings!
  2. Thanks for answering, I have already maxed the resolution on the monitor, installed the latest driver, adjusted the settings to max on the cards as well gone through the Windows 7 display settings wizard.

    I was hoping that Nvidia's Digital Vibrance Control might be the answer but am unsure which card would work on the stock 305w PSU. I almost purchased an EVGA Nvidia 8400GS 512MB 32-Bit DDR3 Passive Graphics Card but cancelled when the spec said 350w PSU minimum.
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