Network card or USB to Ethernet adapter?

My network card died recently on my PC and I'm wondering if I should go with a USB to Ethernet adapter or a network card like these.
I'm just wondering which would be faster, and if someone knows of a good model. I'm on USB 2.0 too.
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  1. i would get an internal wifi card, for pci or pcie x1
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    Ya usb 2.0 is slower than ethernet and there aren't enough pins in USB 2.0 to support gigabit so you would be limited to 100megabit instead
  3. I'm looking more for ethernet adapter since I've got a cable near the computer. Would you still suggest pci?
  4. well, pcie x1 as long as your mobo has an empty slot for it. what is your mobo and graphics card?
  5. EVGA x58 SLI LE with an nvidia gtx 260. I should have a slot for it
  6. yes, i would go with a pcie x1 cuz you have an open slot for it. you can get a good one for like $20-$30. also, i would consider a graphics card upgrade.
  7. Alright I'll go with that thanks. And yeah I do need a new graphics card lol. Think I'll wait until I get a new one though
  8. ok :D
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