New computer w/ old computers hdd, always boots up with blue screen and error code.

I just finished building my new computer, but I put the hdd from my old computer in my new one.
Now every time boot up my new computer it comes up a blue screen with error code that says:
Windows has detect an error and has shutdown to prevent and damage.

How do i stop it from doing this every time i boot up?
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  1. Change in BIOS SATA mode from AHCI to IDE and the try to boot your PC
  2. Probably your old windows was installed with IDE mode and your new PC works on AHCI mode!
  3. What is the message code on the BSOD?
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    I agree you need to do a fresh install. If you have files on the old drive you want to save attach it as a slave and add a new drive as you boot drive. Don't attach the old drive until you have Windows installed and all the drivers loaded and updates done on the new drive.
  5. Due to driver differences and conflicts you should do a clean install.
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