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I have an HP Pavilion dv6 quad edition (Product number: LM720AV) that I had custom-built through HP for college. I have a 2nd Gen Intel i7 2820QM processor, and switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics Family 3000 and AMD Radeon 6770). Recently, my Radeon GPU crapped out on me, so I had to disable its driver through device manager, as well as the switchable graphics option in bios. So now I'm running solely on my power saving GPU, which is frustrating when I want to play graphics-intensive games.

Generally speaking, I have been led to believe that upgrading GPUs on notebooks is not possible because the GPU is normally integrated into the motherboard. However, I read on HP's support forums that if you have a switchable graphics enabled notebook, then you can remove the non-integrated GPU from what is known as a "PCI-E bus" and replace it with another one. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm this and give me more specific instructions on how to go about doing this, so I don't destroy my computer by accident!

I should note that I generally try to solve these types problems by googling and lurking around tech support forums, looking for people who have similar problems. But I'm at loss this time, as it seems my situation only pertains to a very small amount of the laptop-owning population... So, I admit defeat and will post my own thread, in the hopes that it will make solving this issue more manageable for me.

Please help me, tomshardware!
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  1. It's not possible, if it is, I wonder how much the GPU is going to cost since it has to be a super tiny and slim PCI-E card and that sounds like proprietary to me.
  2. I have seen a couple of those(Clevo and a Compaq) and on both the cards were only available from the manufacturer because they were a proprietary design and interface. Your only choice is probably going to be to contact HP

    PS The Clevo cost $600 for a Radeon 6990M don't remember the compaq
  3. Just take the bottom off of the laptop off and see if the graphics chip is soldered on the board or if it is a card I am pretty sure after looking around that it is soldered on the board. You know you can find companies that can repair it we have one here in Berlin if you would like I can send you a link.
  4. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02842252.pdf
    look like it solder on to the system board
  5. Well here is the store you can email in English if you find no other solution
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