Best SSD for system speed?

I have a 7200 rpm regular Hard drive in my system right now. I play games like BF4, and Day-Z. I know that adding a SSD to my system will make it faster. What is a good affordable SSD that will be used to increase my systems speed?
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  1. Best and affordable are 2 different things. Any SSD will yield improvements. The difference between them is hard to see after the upgrade. Personally, I would get a Crucial M500 240 GB for decent affordable and a Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB for best. Obviously the samsung is a bit more $$
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    The difference between a 7200 rpm drive, and any 2 consumer grade SSDs is 800% and 802%. All current drives are 'fast'.

    Samsung 840 EVO, in the largest size your budget can handle. 120GB minimum.
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