what is a good budget graphics card that can run games on ultra for pc preferably around 200

i am building a PC and i am not sure what graphics card i should use
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  1. The 660 is an excellent choice. It may only hit High settings with AA turned on, but that is still great. (You could do Ultra, but frames would drop a lot)

    Buy it here: http://
  2. Get the Geforce GTX 660 Superclocked edition. Provides a higher base clock speed and runs really smooth and extremely quiet. Can barely hear it when my ear is right next to the thing. As long as the CPU you have doesn't bottleneck this GPU you should run games on ultra not to bad depending on your other components obviously like RAM.
  3. r9 270 if you want to go with AMD. But neither 270 or 660 can handle crysis 3 at max
  4. A gtx 660 or r9 270x would be good but you would have to turn down the resolution to get ultra settings. I would have it on high settings at 1080p rather than ultra at 720p as ultra and high don't make much if difference.
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