SLI Cooling Options? Blower vs ACX

As part of a new computer I'm building I am planning on going with a EVGA "SuperClocked" 760 GTX. I also to plan to add another 760 sometime so I have a motherboard with 2 PCIe 3.0 ports.

I know that blowers push air out of the case while the ACX seem to just move air away from the card inside the case.

Since the ACX cards seem to rely on having open air in front or near the fans, I would assume that placing another card over the vents for the ACX cards would be lessen their efficiency.

Is it advisable to use ACX cards with the idea of SLI? or should I stick with a blower? Or maybe a mix of both?
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  1. Both cards will pull air in from the fan so the issue is the same regardless of which you go with.
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    ACX are fine with dual and even tri SLI depending on mobo config. 4way you definitely want the blowers unless your case has a strong side fan on the GPU's
  3. I can't answer your question from experience, but knowing that heat rises, maybe it would be wise to have an aftermarket cooled card on top and a blower style below it. That way, the heat exhausted from your card on top rises and the heat from your card below is vented out the back of the case, so both cards stay cool. Again, haven't done this, don't know if it would work well, just food for thought.
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