what newer video cards are known to work in a dell xps 8300?

I have an XPS 8300 with an I5 2400 3.1 Ghz processor 8 gig of ram a stock PSU rated at 460 Watts. I've read that there are Bios issues with some cards and the cards recomended by dell on the forum are hard to find I did find a hd 6670 from gigabyte my card that failed is hd 5670 from Dell. Dells forums have me more confused then ever. Thanks in advance
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  1. theres an article on pcmag that some specific models of that computer came with a radeon 6770 1gb. however it is odd that some cards fail. I'm assuming you have updated all bios, drivers, etc.?
  2. If you have a PCI-E x16 slot, I would assume that any card would work for you if the power supply is good enough.
  3. The only known and confirmed problem with XPS 8300 and XPS 8500 is with GTX 680 model line, os far all other ones compatible.

    What budget you are talking about, I am more than sure that GTX 750 will work, or HD 7770 or similar, or you are looking for less powerful card?
  4. The only known and confirmed problem with XPS 8300 and XPS 8500 is with GTX 680 model line, os far all other ones compatible.

    I have experienced the same issue with my Dell XPS 8300 and Radeon HD 6770. I purchased a Visiontek r7 250 and everytime I install the card in the pci-e x16 slot, and turn the pc on, the power for the pc comes on and you can see hard drive activity for about 15 seconds but the Dell logo will not even come up nor will the pc. Any ideas?
  5. This may be too late to answer, but here's the experience I've had:

    I had a 6670 in mine, and it worked fine, but I have never tried a 6770.

    I know that the R9 285 did NOT work for me. Specifically, a Gigabyte Windforce OC R9 285

    I got an R7 250 that, when you looked at the detailed specs on the particular one I got, is actually an R7 250E, which, in turn, is identical to a 7750. This worked just fine in my XPS 8300.

    If you find an R7 250 that states the core clock is 800, and the memory as either 1125, or "effective memory clock" of 4500, then it's almost definitely an R7 250E/HD 7750. I don't understand why those are marked (at least by Sapphire) as an R7 250.
  6. I also have an XPS 8300 and was thinking of getting an XFX R9 270. Any thoughts on this one in terms of working with the bios?
  7. I have the A06 bios on my 8300 (i7-2600 @ 3.4 GHz) and neither the XFX R7 250E or the Visiontek HD 7750 (as recommended by Dell for this pc) work. On both installs I had removed all old AMD drivers etc. using the extensive method from tomshardware but only got a black screen each time. King V, did you change some GPU bios settings? I've read that it's not possible to change these on the 8300.....haven't tried it though.
  8. jimmy- apologies for the several month delay.. I'm apparently not getting alerts for these threads.

    I made no changes at all in the BIOS, it just simply worked.

    The following thread discusses some compatibility issues, and also links to a Dell forum thread. It doesn't answer your particular question, i think, but notes that only newer video cards that have a switch to choose between Legacy vs UEFI BIOS will work on the 8300, in Legacy mode.

    Those without it won't work on Dells that use legacy BIOS. There may be some exceptions, but i can't say for sure.

  9. I will take my words back, GTX900 series would not work most likely due to the BIOS prior to March 2014 when Dell added compatibility to those cards.
  10. In case anyone's still looking for information on this thread . . it turns out there have been people successful in using the GTX 970 in the XPS 8300, with Dell's A06 BIOS

    It's mentioned in this thread:
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