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What's up guys, I've just picked up an Xbox One and am running into some issues.

The audio from the Xbox One is coming through to my monitor, and that's great, however I have a pair of headphones plugged into the monitors jack that doesn't seem to be getting registered.

i.e. Xbox sound comes through monitor, not the headphones plugged into the monitor.

Any ideas?
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  1. Have you used headphones with this monitor before? It might be a line in jack that the headphones are connected to.
  2. Thanks for the reply man, but I can't recall if I've used headphones with this monitor before. What do you mean by a line in jack though? The monitor just has a 3.5mm in the back and I plugged in the headphones hoping the sound would transfer over.

    Again, thank you for the reply! I thought I was gonna be alone out here!
  3. A line in jack is for the VGA/DVI input to transfer audio from a pc to the speakers on the monitor, since VGA/DVI cables don't carry audio. What monitor do you own?
  4. Hahaha, this would've been a good thing for me to put down!
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    It's a line in/audio in jack so it can't be used for headphones. If you want to use headphones while using the Xbox one with that monitor, the new Xbox one headset adapter might be something to consider?
  6. Looks like that's gonna be it, thank you so much man! Hahaha, I'd have spent another hour or 9 tinkering with things, thank you!
  7. haha, glad I could help :)
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