Is it even worth the time anymore? (Hand Me Down Build Project)

So the other day a friend of mine drops off a box of goodies on me, and I think I see some potential for a gaming/htpc kind of system. Bear in mind these are all pretty dated (hence why they were free) but I really hate to throw any kind of technology away.

Here are the parts:

Asus P5Q3 Motherboard
Intel Q9550 with Stock Cooler
Ancient Case (looks like a Cooler Master Centurion 530 or there about, really old, crappy airflow.)

So the parts I have laying around and have managed to make work with this are:
Corsair HX1000W PSU
Patriot Viper 1600 Mhz Low Latency (supposed to run at 7-7-7-20, but that causes a unintended overclock to 3.4 GHz leading to some massive overheating so the ram is running at 800 Mhz, regular 9-9-9-24 settings)
Toshiba 1 TB 7200 RPM Sata 3 HDD
And Windows 7 (Or I could go Ubuntu 12.04.4 if I wanted.)

So I've got it up and running, no real headaches. Aside from the video drivers (having to use 314 drivers because anything newer causes firefox to lock up) and I'll be getting a gtx 570 OC from the same person as soon as I get my butt down to see him (in his words, its too much effort to sell, especially with a new Son to deal with.)

I'm asking if this is even worth while to keep around I guess. I did put Skyrim on it and it is playable. I hate how the chip gets so hot, but I read that these chips were warm from the get go. If I wanted to throw it under water I do have a spare H50 laying around, but I would need to order the mounting hardware (it got lost when I cleaned up my spare parts bin.) I don't plan to OC the machine, and I have modded the case with a 120 MM intake fan and replace the stock rear 120 MM with a Antec Tri-Cool (hey, I had a few laying around) I think this MIGHT be worth a damn, but I am just looking for opinions.

FWIW I don't plan to sell off these parts. It's a gift from a friend and I personally have an issue making a buck on a gift. Besides, the CPU/MB alone isn't worth much and neither is the case. Nor is the GPU. The PSU is still almost new as is the HDD. I'm building this up on a ZERO DOLLAR BUDGET.

Any ideas what it could be aside from what I mentioned earlier? I kind of want it to do more than just take up space in my living room hooked up to a 39" TV.

Thanks for reading!
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    You think a Q9550 is worthless :O it is better than any i3 and goes for £250+ on eBay!

    Anyway, for a gaming rig it is 100% worth keeping and I would chuck a 750 Ti in it.

    You could always make it a game server if you have good enough internet?
  2. Unfortunately I can't host a game server from my home connection. Long and short is the ISP I have frowns upon it and considers it a breach of service (I tried hosting TF2 and got a lovely notice informing me of it being a infraction and that my service was not to be used for that. I even got another notice for just RDP-ing into my own computer from work. Go figure.)

    I don't think a Q9550 is worthless. I just know that it's monetary value is very low (just looked on ebay, about 10 available all around the $100 mark. I use USD, I'm from California). I just played a little more Skyrim on it, and its a little laggy. I'll chock that up to old drivers and a lower spec video card though.

    I appreciate that feedback Ganon. Maybe I'll go back to using Ubuntu and make it a XBMC box or something. Until I get that GTX 570 gaming on this thing is a little sluggish. I don't want to put any $$ into this project though. I'm unemployed (and not getting and gov't assistance.) so throwing $$ into a project when its not crucial won't exactly help me (and it would piss off my Wife to no end!).

    Thanks though! Anyone else?
  3. I'll also recommend a GTX 285 for gaming since their dirt cheap and perform like a 660 / 750 ti ish
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