1440p vs 1080p, IPS vs TN, and gtx 780 or 780 ti?

Hello! I'm building a gaming PC for my first time.
I'm at the most difficult part of building a gaming rig - The Monitor and GPU.

I play a lot of League of Legends and similar MOBAS, as well as rts games and rpg games. I want to play next gen games like Titanfall as well as stream LoL (don't care for cod of bf).
I have no plans to SLI in the future. Here is what I currently own:
I7 4770k, Asus Hero, 250 GB SSD, AX 760

I understand if I buy a 1080p I'd only need a 780 and that would save a lot of money 1440p a good enough improvement over 1080p? Also should I go with IPS or TN?
Lastly when streaming with a 1440p would I have to downsize to 1080 resolution?
Thanks for your time :)
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  1. IPS 1440p and 780ti is naturally leagues ahead of the other options, although it is expensive. If you have the money for it, then great, but otherwise get the 780ti, and a 1080p IPS monitor
  2. Thanks for your input. I'm just wondering if when I stream with 1440p would I have to downsize my resolution or could I stream at 1440 with no problems (I will only stream LoL and the highest quality I've seen is 1080p)?

    And as a result of this, should I buy a 1080 now and wait for a better monitor later or no?
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    my 7950 ran 1440p fine, my 780 obviously runs it much better. the 780ti is better but your not going to miss out on much at 1440p with a regular 780.
  4. Yeah I figured I could get by with a 780 but since I won't SLI I think the extra money for a 780 ti is worth it.
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