is this psu and cpu inof for my build

hi my fist question is Thermaltake Smart Standard 650W 80 PLUS Bronze inof for 2 cards msi r9 270 gaming
my second question i well buy fx 6300 is the cpu well bottleneck the cards
my motherboard is msi 970a-g46 am3+
thank you
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  1. No that PSU won't cut it, I would go for this PSU:

    As for bottlenecking, it won't too much but to get the most out of everything, make sure you have a CPU cooler and overclock the CPU to either 4.3Ghz or 4.5Ghz, whichever is more stable for you!

  2. Thermaltake Smart Standard 750W 80 PLUS Bronze is this inof i cant go for xfx because its not available on my country
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    Okay then go for it. Just XFX is made by Seasonic and they are the most reliable PSU makers.
  4. is thermaltake bad or good psu
  5. It will be fine, don't worry. I'm just saying the reliability is higher on Seasonic PSU's.
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