Intel Core I-5 4570 CPU fan and heat sink issue???

Hello everyone

I'm asking this question because two of my friends recently got intel CPUs.

One friend got a intel core i5 4430

The other friend got an intel core i5 4570

The thing is that they are both using the same motherboard wich I selected for them since neither of them wanted to SLI or Overclock. The motherboard is the ASUS B85M-G 32gb and both of them also have the exact same ram wich is corsair vengeance 1600 MHz 4gb.

So here's the story: the friend with the intel core i5 4430 CPU temps are around 40degrees Celsius I installed his fan with aftermarket thermal paste. Friend number two who has a intel core i5 4570 (on the same motherboard but still two different pcs) looks like he has some serious overheating issues I installed his fan without aftermarket thermal paste and just left the stock TP on like it came out of the box, both of them were running AC4 on similar settings and friend number twos temps were hitting a whopping 62-63 degrees!! Is that normal even for a stock thermal paste? Or is it the CPU itself? Please help the friend I picked out the i5 4570 is blaming me for picking this CPU for him i told him the heating issue could be resolved using aftermarket TP, is this true? If not please help the specs of both their PCS are:

Friend No. 1: CPU: intel core i5 4430

Motherboard: asus b85m-g 32gb

CABINET: Corsair carbide 200R

Psu: corsair CX 500 watt

Gpu: Radeon r9 290x hawk

RAM: CV 1600 MHz 1x4gb

SPECS for friend no.2: CPU: intel core i5 4570

Motherboard: asus b85m-g 32gb

CABINET: cooler master elite 431 plus with side panel window

PSU: Corsair GS 600 w v2 2013 edition also does anyone know what the small button next to the ON switch is?

Gpu: gigabyte gtx 770 2gb windforce.

Ram: CV 1600 MHz 1x4 gb

My main focus is to get his cpu cooling to the optimum level using only the stock fan but it's still going super hot??. Is it thermal paste or cabinet cooling? Or is it something entirely different.

Btw neither of them are OCING of course.
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    That is not overheating that is actually pretty normal. But some better paste wouldn't really hurt anything. sounds like you might have a bit of air or such on friend number two if they are that much different under identical loads.

    What do they both hit with prime 95?
  2. Those temperatures are normal with games especially mid 60C's or mid 70C's on the stock cooler. I'm going to assume the Core i5 idles in mid 20C's and lower 30C's. Replacing thermal paste won't make that much of a difference. You have nothing to worry about; the Core i5 should be fine under 90C. It'll throttle down if it ever reaches 100C. Haswell chips are known to run very hot.

    I wouldn't try running Prime95 on a stock cooler. It'll definitely reach 90C in less than 30 seconds.
  3. Neither of them use stress test only identical settings on same games is it possible the airflow inside friend number twos cabinet is not that great or is it his power supply because the new corsair GS series psu 2013 Ed has a zero rpm feature but still never stops while playing intensive games would it have something to do with it BTW one could seriously feel the difference in temps... Would it help if friend number two could get an exhaust fan for his CM elite chassis? I seriously just dont get why the 4570 heats almost 20-30 degrees more than a 4430 both i5s btw they both have the same TDP, wattage consumption and are both haswell and on top of that both my friends have exactly the same mobo.
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