Slow and freezes at startup even after and happened all the sudden

Hei, my laptop all the sudden two days ago when turned on it slowed down upon startup and i cant do anything if i try to open any docoument or use the interent it will freeze and will work back after 20 mins, even that it will freeze when i try to open any sort of program. I tried download a free anti-virus or tune-up but i cant cuz its too slow. Works fine in safe mode tho. Please help
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    Boot up in Safe Mode, assuming you're running Win7, go to the Start menu and in the search box type "msconfig" without the quotes, when the window opens, select the "Startup" tab and disable anything that you don't NEED to start up. If you're not sure what the program is, don't touch it, then restart and boot up normally, see if that helps.
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