3570k 4.4ghz 1.2v temps <68 is it good?

I overclocked my i5 3570k to 4401.9 mhz
multiplier - 43x
base clock - 102.4 mhz
vcore - 1.1680 V
other voltages set to auto

motherboard - msi z77a gd65
cooler - arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev 2
thermal compound - ac mx-2
case - corsair carbide 300r 1x rear fan, 1x front fan

my cpu is always under 68 degrees -------> i ran prime 95 for 30 minutes, it is stable and i could lower the voltage even more

is my overclock good?
are my temps high?
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    Those results look good to me, I'm surprised a cooler like the Freezer 7 is capable of maintaining temperatures below 70C.

    It's somewhat debateable how far you should push the temperature, but I personally don't like to exceed 70C at full load. If I were you, I'd run a Prime95 torture test (Small FFTs) for a good three or four hours just to be sure that the temperature stays the way it currently does.
  2. Thank you for your response. I also prefer lower temps but for now, im good with 4ghz until i buy water cooling. I play games at most and i dont see the difference between 3.4 ghz and 4.4 ghz jet, so i was just trying highest overclock with exceptable temps.Btw my gpu is Sapphire hd 7950 Vapor-X overclocked to 1150 core and 1480 memory. I will run torture test and post my results in few days.
  3. No worries, most people overclock because they're enthusiasts and like to tinker with their rigs, like myself. You're absolutely right, overclocking doesn't significantly improve gaming performance unless you have a particularly slow processor.

    If you don't fancy water cooling due to noisy fans or the cost, a good air cooler such as a 212 Evo should get you to 4.4Ghz, or very close.
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