GeForce GTX 650 and Dual Monitors - DVI-D vs DVI-I

Will I be able to run dual monitors (2 of the ASUS monitors at the link below) with the GTX 650 video card (below also)? If so, what cables would I need to purchase to run this dual monitor system? I am using this for music production with FL Studio 11. Thanks!

Video Card:

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  1. Anyone able to help?

    Would I be able to run both monitors as DVI? The card has one DVI-D output and one DVI-I output, but each monitor only has a DVI-D input; no DVI-I input. Does that matter?

    Or, could I run one monitor on DVI-D and one on HDMI? Would the screens look identical still?

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    dvi i is only different from dvi-d in that it allows you to use a dvi-vga adapter. any dvi cable will work the same in a dvi-i as it would in a dvi-d. you can just use 2 dvi cables and it will work just fine.
  3. Thanks - so is a DVI-I cable the same as a DVI-D cable?
  4. just get dvi-d cables. dvi-i are really uncommon, and dont really offer any benefit that i know of, but it does have 4 extra pins around the flat piece in the connector making it incompatible with the dvi d port (which is what almost all monitors use). any regular cables made to fit in a dvi-d plug will work with both dvi-d and dvi-i
  5. Okay, so DVI-D cables work with DVI-I outputs but not the other way around?
  6. correct, because DVI-I has more pins
  7. Awesome - thanks for the help!
  8. not a problem, enjoy the new set up!
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