Using two seperate PCI-E on my 280x's. One with 8pin and the second with 6pin per gu (2x PCI-E per GPU)

Hey there, thank you for taking some time to read through my question.

I had an incident two days ago where my PCI-E cable basically melted at the PSU end, most likely cause of the pressure. I've been mining cryptocurrency on the rig for quite some time now and it seems that one cable with 6xpin8pin per GPU didn't manage it alone. My whole rig is currently using up around 600-650w with two 280x Gigabyte cards.

I'm wondering if it's safe to use two PCI-E Cables, one for the 6pin and another cable for the 8pin.

I currently have this PSU

Please note: As I'm writing this, my computer is already connected with two PCI-E connectors to each of my GPU's (4 PCI-E in total) and I've been testing out mining and hearing low electric sound in the PSU which wasn't there before even though I'm consuming the same amount of watts. I had sources telling me that this should be completely fine, but I'm not confident when I'm hearing these sounds from the PSU, especially since I'm not really pushing that Corsair PSU near it's limits.

I appreciate ALL INPUTS. Even though the answer has been laid out here and you think you might have something tiny to add, please do.

Best regards, Fred
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  1. Yes you can.
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