Does GTX 780 SLI needs Liquid Water Cooling

Just wondering if I need a Liquid cooling for my PC I have a NZXT Phantom 820 Case
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    Doesn't need it, but you might want to consider this, rather then having two cards running at 80-85c air cooled you could have two cards running at 35-40c water cooled.
  2. As long as you have good airflow, no.
  3. I have two 780s in my rig, completely air cooled, in a Corsair 600T with stock fans, and a Noctua NH-D14 for my CPU cooler. Temps have never been a problem; runs anywhere from 50-70C, depending on the game
  4. Well IDK if i have a good "Air Flow" I have 4 fans

    One 140mm and three 200mm fans
  5. Well if you have your PC built already, and only have a single 780 or any other GPU, just monitor your temps and report back with idle and load temps
  6. Okay sounds good man. But i wont be buying it till later of may.
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