Problem entering BIOS/UEFI after Ultra Fast Boot

Like the title says. Currently I have trouble entering UEFI after setting Ultra Fast Boot. I'm using Gigabyte GA H87N Wi-Fi rev 2.0 motherboard and Palit GTX 660 Ti 2GB.
So let's start from the beginning. I've already done an UEFI win 8 install on GPT partition. After that I tried to fiddle a bit with the secure boot. After a custom install of secure boot key, the first sign of trouble start: I got blank screen and can't boot.
So I found out that I can circumvent the problem by unplugging monitor from graphic card and plug into mother board instead. After it boot, I plug it back to the graphic card and it work just fine. And after that first boot, I can boot it normally (most of the time) direct from graphic card. There are several time I need to do the unplug trick though.
At the time I can still enter UEFI by shift+click restart button on windows power menu. So I enter UEFI, switch secure boot mode from user to default (which still keep the previous keys and still keep secure boot enabled) and changing fast boot from enabled to Ultra Fast Boot.
I know that UFB requires GOP compatible graphic card and judging by the card's temper when enabling secure boot it doesn't seem likely to be the case.
But surprisingly it works. I can boot in 12 seconds from off to login menu using 7200 RPM hdd.
So now that I see that UFB works, I wanted to check some more on UEFI, perhaps disable secure boot altogether. But I can't enter UEFI. When I shift+ click restart, there's no advanced menu. There's only 3 menu: return to Win8, boot into DVD/USB/network, turn off.
It's there any other option to enter UEFI other than using Shift+ click restart?
Since on booting, there's no longer logo screen, del key is definitely useless.
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    Try resetting the BIOS by popping out the battery on the motherboard with the PC unplugged, and leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds. Power it on again and the BIOS will have reverted to defaults (it will also reset the time and date, which will have to be corrected)
  2. Popping the battery might be a bit more difficult than it seems. Since it's a miniITX case, everything is being blocked by something. But since currentlyeverything seems to work just fine, I might leave it as it is for now. I haven't try to boot into installation disk though, because that's one of the option available from recovery. Is there a way to enter UEFI from windows install DVD?
  3. No, not from the install disk
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