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Hey Guys,

Apologies if this is in the wrong thread. In the last year I have made the transition from console to PC gaming but I am still struggling in games like Battlefield 4 where the PC crowd is much better than I am in respect to mouse and keyboard. Usually i can get away with a controller in most games seeing as i grew up with a controller and am pretty damn good with it. But with twitch shooters I just can't measure up no auto aim. I want to improve my aptitude with a mouse and keyboard and was wondering if anyone had any tips / tricks for a beginner. Also, will purchasing a dedicated gaming keyboard / mouse help? Right now I am just using a pretty basic Logitech set. Thanks for any advice!
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  1. just playing will help. I gamed on console since the original xbox...just a few months ago I finally switched over to pc gaming. My biggest fear or dilema was adapting to the key and mouse. What helped me is playing through single player campaigns and trying to play "fast" through them. It eventually came. I started to feel comfortable with keyboard and mouse after about 2-3 weeks, and now I prefer it.

    Now when I pick up a controller I feel so clumsy on will get it man, just stick with it. The hard part is everyone is pretty good on pc with mouse and keyboard so just bare with the learning curve for a bit and it will pay off.
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    While a improvement can be had with a better mouse (of course) keyboards are all basically 'the same'. The difference is a personal 'feel' to them. Some people do better with 'clicking' keys, some like the 'spongy' feel, some need LARGE Ergo bent ones because of the size of their hands, and so on. I would suggest first and foremost go to a couple 'big box stores' like Staples, Fry's Electronics, Best Buy, etc. and go to the keyboard and mouse aisle (will talk mouse in a second) and place your hands on the keyboard, also on the 'desktop' display models too. Feel the way the boards are arranged, the size of the keys, the wrist guard, and so on. When you feel one more comfy (like shoes) then another, then stick with that 'type' (doesn't matter yet on the maker) you can read on the packaging the features your finding to your needs.

    Now that works for your left hand movements, and should be alot more helpful when hitting the keys. YOU DO NEED TO REMEMBER it is NOT button smashing like on a console. PC is more precise and the quicker you get used to Single Player shooting on how you can duck and shoot with only two key hits the more likely you can duck and shoot when in Multiplayer.

    As for mice, this is a totally different animal and let me explain two keys that make 'them better then me'. 1) DPI 2) Macro-Button assignment.
    DPI is the speedy reply of the laser to hitting the 'surface' your playing on and back to the sensor to determine if the mouse moved, and what way it moved. The higher the DPI the larger the response is on the screen. for example just nudge with a 600DPI 'common cheap mouse' will move the arrow just a little, a 2400DPI common gamer's mouse will 'fly' across the screen. The more response the more 'precise' you can get as PC gaming success is based on WHICH PIXEL you hit, not that (like in consoles) you shoot in a 'area' of pixels. So a higher response mouse really helps get those head shots or seemingly impossible 'between the two steel beam' shots.
    Macro-Button assignment is the BIG decider in many instances especially when twitching (Call of Duty most famous). Typical out of the box playing is 'mapped' Left Button Shoot, Right Button Scope and that is about it, but never map the center 'wheel', much less the typical Gamer Mouse having Forward and Back (for web pages) thumb buttons, or more (5-8 buttons total) to map all sorts of things to. For example as Back is closer to your thumb mapping 'Knife' so you can 'twitch' those nice knife attacks, but 'Forward' maybe 'grenade' since you have to slide your thumb forward, giving you less likely to 'twitch' a nade and mess up then to 'think' to throw one quickly. Combinations of commands were (usually blocked now but you never know) 'binded' on a keyboard key or mouse button, so for example the infamous 'jump - toss nade - crouch' combo would be binded into one keypress that would see the person jump tossing a nade then landing into a crouch firing his gun usually catching the persons running from the grenade in a hail of bullets long enough for the nade to make a Multi-kill.

    As you can see on the PC side one can have a edge through any number of ways, where as console is locked hardware, there is no difference from Bob's PS3 as compared to Megan's PS3, but Bob's Staples bought logitech mouse and keyboard doesn't allow him to do all those thing Meg's Razor Gaming Keyboard and mouse can. This also isn't limited to the difference a screen (I run at 120Hz so I can see more detail with a 3ms response time) can have to your playing, nor the video card can output, or how slow it is your Hard Drive is running (SSD helps so much on 'load screens' to get me int he game much faster) and so on. Gaming is expensive investment on the PC but can give it the edge you need (I need the 120Hz screen because I am 'old').
  3. Umm, practice... Play single player shooters on higher difficulty. Play some sniping shooters, to improve your accuracy with a mouse. You can try those Dance Dance Revolution type games like Osu to improve your keyboarding speeds as well.
    Training your brain and your eyes is the harder part though...
  4. Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it. Sounds like learning the mouse and keyboard is the only way to go. I will run through a couple of campaigns with it before hopping online again to avoid frustration. Sounds like I need to do some shopping as well.
  5. jlee14 said:
    Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it. Sounds like learning the mouse and keyboard is the only way to go. I will run through a couple of campaigns with it before hopping online again to avoid frustration. Sounds like I need to do some shopping as well.

    One of the best budget gaming mouse is the Logitech G500s...I have it and got it for like $50.

    Its a laser mouse, and has a weight cartridge that you can adjust to get the right feel.
  6. Yeah is one reason I like BF over COD MP, because BF is more precision targeting (like sniping for example or missile strikes) then simple closed in small room 'twitching' in COD. Commonly when I speak to people about this consoler commonly pipe how COD is the 'bomb' and nothing better, and talk in the same moment about their console experiences. While most PC K/Ms tend to agree because they want to be sneaky, strategic, etc. that you find in the BF series, and usually don't 'pick up consoles' because they prefer (like me) K/M. I think for these very reasons, how one way is expectation of response while the other takes much longer dedication and in turn become a seriously piss everyone off good player. I am normally just lucky, than good, and been repeatedly banned because I 'watch and learn' what they do, so when I get lucky and sneak / spawn in the right spot, I know to corridor / where they will be and start really wiping them out, they don't like being out performed and 'kiddie ban kick the haxs.. '. I sort of laugh because my score is usually half or less then theirs.
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