Deleted data dilema

Folder was deleted by accident it contained 1.6 tb of data. I have "Recover my files" app but it needs a location to send the files. My question: Is there an app that just restores the information back to the FAT? The drive is for storage and is undisturbed so all the info is fine.
Windows 7 OS - ntfs

Older version's of Norton's Unerase used to do just this
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  1. Try recuva. It's been a while since I used it, but I think it does inplace undeletes.
  2. Thanks for the response but recuva wants a recovery location to send the files
  3. Have it and it only works on partitions. Thanks
  4. Oh btw im not limited to windows i can function under any OS , i have bootable versions of every flavor of linux and access to a mac.
  5. yeah played with this one also, not capable of it. thanks though.
    A little clarification, most of the partitioning programs do just that, manipulate partitions, im in search of an app that directly manipulates the FAT or MFT of a hard drive. Active@ Undelete can do that but it requires understanding of how the tables are laid out. A little out of my league. I'm actually going to send Symantec an email wondering if they might have a current solution, until then all your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  6. I haven't tried this one before, but it looks to have a free trial.
  7. same scenario recovers to an alternate location. thanks though. just trying to avoid buying another hard drive for the recovery
  8. Ok, this is my last shot... Active Uneraser. It says it can copy inplace or to another destination, plus it's free.
  9. lol I commend you on your efforts but its the same scenario, the software wants to save to a different location. thanks
  10. Wow, nothing like a blatant lie on their web site... Recovers deleted partition/volume "in-place" or copies all volume data to a new disk, unless of course that only works for partitions. Sorry dude.
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