Old ATI FireGL X1 256mb, how to install driver for Windows 7?

I just reformatted an old workstation (HP xw6000) with an old ATi FireGL X1 agp card with Windows 7 (x86) due to the end-of-support for XP in the coming month. I tried installing the recommended driver for it right from AMD's site (FirePro_8.583_Vista32_77159.exe), but alas, it wasn't able to install the actual driver, only some hydravision options and the CCC. The machine was originally an HP workstation, but their support site didn't have any drivers for it beyond XP.

Has anyone gotten these old old pro gpus working in Vista or 7? I 'd be fine with converting it to work with catalyst drivers as a radeon 9700 if I have to. It's an old multi-keyed AGP pro slot that no other card I have laying around will fit into, so replacing the card is not an option.

Thanks ahead of time!
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  1. Anyone at all on this? I know this hardware is going back a long ways, but this machine is mainly used as a testing station now, and while graphics aren't all that important, it IS necessary to have a quick and responsive windows GUI, which having proper installed drivers helps with immensely.
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