3 way sli vs replacing graphics cards

I plan on building a rig once the Nvidia 800 series is released. My plan is to put in one 880 when it comes out and then add a second one in the future and possibly a third. I was wondering if it is worth adding a second and possibly third card in sli or just upgrading my graphics card as new ones come out?

To clarify: I would probably add the second card 1-2 years after the first.
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    As a general rule, two way SLI is beneficial, three is when the performance gains kind of taper off rather quickly.
  2. Yea unless you're using a Dual GPU card or using them more for the Processing power and for the Graphics Power then anything more than a Dual SLI is pointless. Even with an SLI you don't get quite Twice the power. With a Triple or Quad its even less.
  3. Stick with SLI at most, but I wouldn't even go for an 880 unless you have a higher than 1080p screen or plan on doing triple monitor setup. If your using a single HD display, save your self some money and get a cheaper graphics card.
  4. SLI requires more power and generates more heat. Triple SLI is even more prohibitive. You are far better off investing your money in a top of the line single card solution. Even top of the mid range will do. I have a GTX 770 and it does everything I need very well.
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