Too much heat

i5 2500k OC 4.5ghz 1.32volts
H80i cooling system
p8z77v-lk mobo
geforrce gtx 770 2gb by nvidia
I700 coolermaster psu
windows 8.1

these specs when i run P95 i am getting into 80-85c at max. I have reset the block once and it helped slightly.

While running BF4 and Titan fall i am at around 55-60c which seems to be on the safe range for an i5 2500k. Is it okay to keep running my system this way or should i be worried. I don't think i hit 100% load when doing anything except benchmarking.
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    No that is unsafe and your slowly killing the CPU with the overheating. If you intend to OC then you need a better cooling system, obviously, and might even be just the heating needs to be dissappated more from the case then the CPU? Check all your temps (MSI Afterburner) when playing or use a thermostat to determine the best places (such as clearing the wiring out or so on) to determine where the cooling should take place. Worst case is a different cooling material (liquid coolent like freon or such)?
  2. currently on the top of the case i have 2 120mm exhaust fans and the corsair H80i is mounted on the back to exhaust as well which is the radiator in between 2 fans as well as 2 80mm on the bottom exhausting from the psu compartment. on the front i have 1intake 120mm and 1 intake 80mm to the hdd/psu exaust compartment. could i need more intake fans?
  3. also is 55-60C considered over heating?
  4. I was pointing out " i am getting into 80-85c at max." as bad. No 55-60c is average UNDER LOAD, if that is your 'idle' then yes that would be not healthy because you will go much higher when putting 'stress' on it.

    Cooling isn't based on 'how many fans' I have. It is measured in airflow and how the flow occurs. So for example if your blowing out air and a fan sucks it back in then all your doing is making hot air blow back in instead of cooling the system. Best methods are to make sure 'wiring' is properly out of the way and the second way is use something like incense to watch the airflow be sucked 'in' blown out' to see how the flow happens visually. This usually helps.
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