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In my personal rig that I plan to build ( I'm running a 2GB GDDR5 1536 CUDA core MSI GTX 770. I currently have an Acer S200HQL ( and want to have a 1080p monitor for gaming. I want to have the 2 Acers on the left and right for productivity and the 1080 in the center for gaming/movies. My question, finally, is if my GPU will be able to handle running the three monitors. Note: Only 1 monitor will be used while gaming, no panoramic. Also any ~24in 1080 monitor recommendations are welcomed! Thank you!
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  1. It will just be able to do 3 monitors but gaming is going to take a hit if you have the other 2 monitors on at the same time. The main problem is the 2gb of memory. Each monitor is going to use a large portion of your memory so having only 2 is going to be a problem. My suggestion would be to buy one cheap video card with 2 video outs and use that as your card for "productivity" and your gaming will be unhindered.
  2. So, to clarify Davil, you're saying to run two GPUs and run the Acers to the lower card and run the 1080 to the GTX 770? I'm new to this and want to make sure my build goes well. :)
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    Yes, you won't need a powerful card at all for the 2 acers if all you're doing is like word processing or whatever.
  4. Would you recommend running that card in SLI with the 770 or stand-alone?
  5. You can only do SLI with 2 of the same type of card so no. If you had 2 of the same card you could do it in SLI but the monitors would all have to be plugged into the same card.
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