What would you rate, critisize or find wrong on this gaming build?

Just wanted an opinion on my PC that ive already built:


motherboard: M5A97 R2.0

CPU: FX-6300 3.5GHz

GPU: msi twin frozr GTX 770 2GB

Power supply: Antec 620w 80+ Bronze certified

Case: Antec one mid ATX

RAM: 1 stick of 4GB

Im thinking of getting another stick of 4GB how much will this improve my game performance?)
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  1. Good build and 8GB would be noticeable in games such COD Ghosts!
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    The second stick will allow your RAM to run in dual-channel mode, which will be faster.
    You will probably want an aftermarket cooler to allow for some overclocking (and run quieter). I use and recommend the Xigmatek Gaia over the more often parroted but slightly inferior Hyper212 EVO:

    Unlike the Hyper212 EVO (ignore the URL; it IS the EVO they tested), the Gaia never throttled, although it wasn't always the coolest depending on the fan used. Both got awards, but the Gaia is usually cheaper as well, making it the better choice. NZXT and Enermax also offer 120mm tower coolers which should offer similar performance, and they may be even cheaper.

    Edit: Your Seasonic-built Antec PSU is good.
  3. Most games utilizes not more than 6GB
  4. Ahmadjon said:
    Most games utilizes not more than 6GB

    For now, because they were limited by consoles only having 512mb RAM. Now that they have 8, expect ram usage of video games to skyrocket.
  5. +1 for Onus' Hyper 212 EVO or Xigmatek GAIA recommendation. The FX 6300 OCs well with a decent cooler. Both of those are good performers and inexpensive.

    Go for 2x4GB DDR3 1866 RAM on that CPU and a 64bit OS.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback!
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