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Hey all, recovering from a mistake, and in an effort to stave off more money on returning merchandise, I pose the following question.

I have a Radeon HD 7870, I recently tried to get a three monitor set up via:

Monitor 1 (main): MiniDP to DVI-D adapter + DVI-D cable (i later realized it was passive and found that i needed an active)
Monitor 2: DVI-D cable
Monitor 3 (a TV): HDMI cable

Windows saw that I indeed had three displays connected, but would not allow me to save settings when I extended the display to it. I later found that I would most likely need an Active MiniDP to DVI-D adapter.

This brings me to the question, would this set up work?

Monitor 1 (main): ACTIVE MiniDP to DVI-D adapter + DVI-D cable
Monitor 2: DVI-D cable
Monitor 3 (a TV): HDMI cable

I'm not trying to make an Eyefinity Mega Monitor, I just want three monitors with independent displays to allot me even more desktop space to go about my business.
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  1. Yes you need an Active DP adapter. Once you do that you should be able to save your Tri-Display settings.
  2. Just to be clear, it doesn't matter which monitor is connected to the active adapter, yes?
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    No as long as you have an active DP adapter. I think if you had used actual DP for the 3rd monitor you wouldn't need an active DP adapter. But no it doesn't matter.
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