Can boot livecd, but random crashes occurs and strange BIOS behavior

Hello all,

I just built a new system from newegg:

Acs h61h2mv mobo
Celeron dual with generic cooler
no addon graphics
2gb of ddr3 (bought two but only recognizes one)
500 GB hdd ATA
300w supply generic came with my cheap case.

Well, this has been horrible.
I made a number of mistakes in the beginning, like installing my mobo without standoff and powering up, multiple times; l eventually fixed that and got my system to POST properly but I am having allot of random behavior.

Also I pulled my heatsink off (to troubleshoot the following issues, i thought maybe i didn't seat it right) and reseated it (without new paste, the factory paste was still kinda sticky and also it was still very new) After that didn't help i re-re-seated it and put a little new paste in between the old (by like a day) layers.

For example I can (sometimes) load my BIOS setup interface (full color) but most of the time when I select a boot option the system (Instantly without any delay) flashes artifacts (blue) on my screen and shuts down.

Then comes back on and off and on and off infinitely. But sometimes I can fully boot a LiveCD (Gentoo and Fedora 20). I can even start the install on fedora but then the system crashes(toward the end of the install), the screen is filled with artifacts and then stops responding.
Eventually the system shutdowns. (then loops)

However under live Gentoo (when it boots) I had no problems going as far as installing stage3! (I changed my mind after that and wanted fedora). Also the fedora livedisk desktop worked fine (then randomly crashed).

But that's not all! Sometimes I post and the bios loads and no boot devices(disks and drives) are detected!!? No Sata, no disk drive, no dvd.
Sometimes only one or the other.

After these crashes with artifacts I normally have to pull the battery off the bios to get the system to post and display anything.
Sometimes moving memory helps.

This behavior is so random. I think my CPU is damaged... but how can it be damaged if it works perfectly sometimes?
Both BASH and full windowed environment? And then it just stops?

Is my cpu shutting itself off?

This is not like any problem i have had (years of tracking down obscure linux system config options and compiler flags but i am useless at hardware), in that its so inconsistent.

Could the board be damaged? Is there a bootable software that can check the actual motherboard and subsystems? I went really cheap on this build, but it seems to work sometimes...
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