Help! What can I do to improve performance of this gaming PC without spending too much money?

If there are any parts that ya'll feel that you would recommend to change please post here, thanks
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  1. THeres nothing you really need to change at all, that is a very nice build!
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    dump the razor perfiferals. there are better out there for less money.
    other than that the build is decent... if you really dont need 3 screens get a single 2k monitor.
    reason i say this is that a single 780 will struggle to max out most new games and keep a playable frame rate across 3 1080p screens.
  3. You don't need 16gb of 1600 get 8gb of 2000 for cheaperish
  4. hI, I personally would recomend windows 7 as an OS, as i think it is at present easier and could cauze less hassel as an operating system to work round if u get any problems, most gamers i know like to stay with windows 7 as its proven, thats just my opinion, ask around and u'll see,

    hope that helps.
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