Sfc/scannow corrupted files. Again :/

Why does this keep happening? I clean installed about 4 weeks ago and there's corrupted files in there again (they weren't there when I clean installed, I checked). I have a 3 year old Windows 7 laptop and there's nothing corrupted in there at all

EDIT: Major edit to original post. Ran DISM which has said it's fixed things. Running sfc again. Did some looking around on the internet which seemed to suggest (1 source, haven't checked loads) that it was linked to fast start breaking stuff when it boots (which was the cause of my problems first time) and I'd turned fast start on again yesterday to see if it would behave itself and then took it off again. Today ran Windows update and found the corruption shortly after (Malicious Software Removal Tool had crashed about 7 billion times in the space of a couple of hours which is why I started checking for issues

DISM appears to have fixed it :D
So, question is why does this happen in the first place when I have a Windows 7 machine that's used exactly the same, has been subjected to experimental mods, had the casing round the screen split open after hitting the floor, has hit the floor twice (second time causing the drive to make weird noises), has had boot failures in its history and blue screens, but has no data corruption anywhere
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    When the system is working, have you checked your HDD with any utilities? If you know the HDD maker, you can likely go to their website and download free utilities to verify the soundness of the drive itself.

    If the HDD checks out OK, I would recommend running a memory test (like memtest, see below) to make sure your memory is working properly as well.
  2. It's happened with two different hard drives, birth Western Digital. For some reason the SMART data for either, says it's unavailable (but it did say something or other failed, I forget what now), but a third party utility assessed then and they passed. The included Windows memory test passed both RAM sticks without issue.

    Memtest needs a separate boot media doesn't it? Can that boot media have other stuff on it?
  3. I've run WD Lifeguard again and both drives pass without issue. Don't know why it couldn't do it a month ago
  4. Also, how did one of my drives somehow end up in IDE mode, they are both plugged in the same and I think set up the same in the BIOS
  5. unplanned bacon said:
    I've run WD Lifeguard again and both drives pass without issue. Don't know why it couldn't do it a month ago

    Did you run the bootable DOS version?
    It's not impossible that the drive has errors in the area that Windows is stored... (unlikely though!)
    Bootable Memtest

    Generally these tests like to format a USB drive, but YUMI Pendrive Linux will cope with multiple Distros if they are in ISO format
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