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I was playing Skyrim on my laptop when the game suddenly froze. I waited a little while and forced shutdown before it went to the BSOD or did anything else. Also, I saw little green pixels show up as I was playing. When I turned it back on, it was only a black screen. The backlight was on and I could hear the usual Windows sounds. And when I knew I waited long enough to get to the screen to enter my password, I did and I even heard the sound that confirmed the correct password and thus proceed to the desktop, however, the screen was still black.

I have tried the unplug everything, take out the battery, hold the power button for ~20 secs, plug the AC power cord back in, and turn the laptop on method. I have also tried to connect my laptop to my TV via HDMI, but nothing shows up.

Can someone please help me?

My laptop is a MSI GT660 by the way.
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    Well with no display what so ever, even on a TV sounds like the IGPU has died. Turn it on and enter your password etc and go to the desktop (even when you have no display, do what you described) then plug the TV into your PC, it should realise that their is a external monitor and connect to the TV.

    If this doesn't happen then your dedicated GPU or Integrated GPU, what ever you use is most likely dead.
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