After building my new computer selling old one and keeping hard drive....

I am going to build a computer later in life and I am selling my old one to a friend. I want to keep my hard drive so I have all my things in my new system. Couple questions. 1) Will everything be there? when I start it up will it be exactly like it was on the old computer? Same desktop and everything? 2) Do all hard drives fit the same way? I don't want the hard drive to not fit in my new build. Also my friend is buying a hard drive and I want to know will any hard drive work? I don't want it to be a hassle. Thanks
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  1. 1- data will be intact but it more than likely won't boot in a new system as the hardware will probably be to different. Usually you'd need to do a clean reinstall to get a properly functioning system.
    2- with out more info (specs) I can't say.
  2. how would I do 1)? I want to keep all my stuff when I input it. Not sure how to install and how to get all my stuff to be there
  3. Old HDD with the OS and applications, installed in a new PC probably will not work. It probably won't even boot properly.
    A clean reinstall is recommended.

    Physically, it will fit. But you really need to reinstall everything.
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    Depends, if the OS is Win7 generally it will work, make sure you back up all the data, then get the new rig put together, add the drive and boot to Win, it will take it a little while to examine all the new hardware and load default drivers, then will want to upgrade to the latest mobo drivers and remove old mobo related software. Next run a registry cleaner, Wise has a good free edition of their cleaner. Will also prob be notified by Win you need to activate, regardless of the version and whether OEM or not, go through the on-line activation, it may well give you an error and have you call their computerized activation, will input or read the error code, then they will ask how many computers the copy is loaded on, answer truthfully YES, and about 98% of the time it will provide a new activation code.
  5. where would I go for a clean reinstall on my pc? when would I do it? before I take it out of my old computer? I don't understand
  6. This makes absolutely no sense to me. There is no easy way? Would it be easier if I just Put in the new hard drive to the old computer and transferred the files? Should I wait for this till I have the money to build it? I just want the easiest way. I don't know what kind of hard drive I have and that's the problem. I did not know it would be this difficult
  7. Also if it's an oem copy of win 7 or older you'd need to buy a new license as the old one will tied to the old motherboard.
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