No US keyboard after update 8.1.1 (how do I re-install it manually without logging in)?

I just updated to Windows 8.1.1 but now I can't log in. I had two keyboards installed, US and Thai. However, the US keyboard has disappeared from the language bar and I can only type in Thai text.

Because my login password is in English, I can't log in. I can access the disk using the WIndows setup disk and Explorer.

Can you suggest how to install the US keyboard by copying a keyboard file to the Windows folder? Or some other way to get the keyboard re-installed without having to log in?

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    It turned out not to be an *update* problem, but an issue due to restarting the computer. In an effort to remove three different English keyboard layouts, I removed all of them. This resulted in a default English-US layout and an additional Thai keyboard layout. I seldom restart my computer for weeks at a time (I'm always in the middle of something). But when the update forced my computer to restart, the English keyboard no longer existed in the configuration; so I couldn't access it in the language bar (there was no language bar because there was only one keyboard layout installed).

    I didn't make a password reset file on a USB drive, and restoring the system didn't work either. but I was able to plug in a USB keyboard and then type in my password using ASCII codes (Alt 0xxx) on the numberpad. After adding an English keyboard layout, I was able to select the appropriate keyboard before logging in each time.

    I suppose it's a fairly unusual situation, but Windows should have a way to switch to a basic/standard ASCII keyboard for diagnostic or login purposes.
  2. Good that you sorted it! Selected as Best Answer in case someone else winds up in a similar situation...
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