corsair vengeance single kit plus single kit = dual channel?

so, if i put tow of these single mudle kits in my cumputer will i have any issues?, if i buy 2 kits of these separately will i get the same as a dual channel kit together?
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    may or may not work together, any time you mix DRAM from different packages it can be problematic, even with the same exact models, that's why they sell in a wide variety of sets, those in a package are tested to work together, the forums are full of people mixing as you suggest and having problems. Best to buy one package of DRAM with the full 8GB of DRAM you want in a 2x4GB package (two sticks allow for dual channel)
  2. I think the one is liable to undergo the various aspects of the same before coming to any conclusion. As far as I am concerned I think that may work together and also can occur any sort of error. I think in case you mix DRAM from different packages it can be problematic. So I will surely recommend to take care of the various aspects before any further steps put forward.
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