Amd Radeon hd 6700 Series card is overheating

Computer has recently started overheating when playing games ( around 105c) , cleaned out the dust, fans are working, seems to idle around 60-64 or so with the fans going 100%, I've tried cleaning it multiple times , even opened the side case and used a desk fan , still runs around 102-104. Is there anything else I can do? ( cleaning the case and checking the temp with programs is pretty much all I know)
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  1. is it still under warranty? if not, you can apply thermal paste just like you do to a cpu heatsink in the gpus heatsink if it is over a year old it mightneed it. you can also try moving your case out of the sun if it is in the sun and what program did you use to monitor it?
  2. What is the CPU's temp? It will be a system problem if it isn't just the GPU.
  3. CPU generally stays under 40 I believe, computer doesn't set in the sun, also I use speed fan to keep an eye on it.
  4. try using this to verify temps
    it may just be the software giving bad info
  5. Thanks, downloading it now, its showing the same temperatues, it went from 40c (just turned on from sleep) to over 100 in just a few minutes while playing a game. Opened the case and I can feel the fans blowing, I can feel one pushing and one pulling, but the gpu is located near the bottom and to be honest.. seems like it wouldn't really.. get alot of airflow that way." class="img lazy">
  6. Also to further prove my ignorance, I'm assuming the big red one labeled Ati Radeon is the GPU right? If so.. where exactly is the heat-sink for it? I see the one for the cpu I believe.. but these nothing else connected besides that plastic piece holding it in.
  7. The plastic piece is its heatsink fan, and the heatsink is covered by the plastic (the red and black ATI Radeon plastic)
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    yes.... the red/black thing is actually the heatsink fan for the gpu the pcb that plugs into the motherboard is the gpu....the pcb is just like a small motherboard and your graphic processing chip sits in a socket on the little pcb. you can unscrew the heat sink and apply thermal paste to it. but if youdont know what your doing it can be kind of a daunting task. there are tutorials on youtube on how to do it. its not hard once you've done it a few times but if the card is still under warranty i would just return it
  9. I think it's out of warranty, I'll see if i can take it to a computer expert next payday, and see if the sell the paste, (rural area, no place to even buy thermal paste outside the internet).
  10. Thanks very much for the help!
  11. just make sure you clean it with 90% alcohol and a microfiber towel/cloth before applying new thermal paste
  12. I just realized after watching a video, I haven't took the plastic case apart yet, could there be dust in there between the heat sink and the gpu?
  13. Yes.
  14. I guess I have some work to do tommorow morning, thanks again you two.
  15. no problem
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