Is it worth replacing my defaault AMD Radeon HD 7570 with a new card, a Radeon HD 6670?

My PC has a Radeon 7570 as its default GPU, but I also have the 6670. I mainly play games like Skyrim, so is the spare GPU any better than the default? Would it improve my computer any? My computer specs are; 64 bit processor with 10gb of RAM and six core processor 3.90 GHz
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  1. The 6670 might be a little bit better, but they are similar in performance.

    What CPU specifically do you have? What PSU?

    Do you have budget for any new components?
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    Hi . it's not worth it actually. it's like replacing your current vcard with your current vcard. :)))
    though 6670 is slightly better. but you wont really notice it.
  3. Some of the 7570s come with GDDR5 SDRAM as opposed to GDDR3. It is still a low end card but in my opinion the best low end card

    I know the DELL OEM had GDDR5 and it does make a difference over SOME of the 6XXX series

    Basically the 7570 is a rebranded 6570

    A full comparison

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