Can my PSU Handle a new GPU ?

Hello community,

I was thinking about purchasing either the GTX 760 or the R9 270x, but gpu comparison aside, I was wondering if my PSU can handle it. Couldn't find a lot on it online but it's this one:

I'm fairly sure 580W is enough for either card but it lacks 6 pin connectors. When i popped the pc case open i noticed it uses an adapter that converts two 4 pin cables to a 6 pin, thus powering my current gpu. Now if i had more than one free 4 pin cable remaining, i'd consider using another adapter and improvising something but seeing as there's only the one, well I'm in a bit of a pickle.

So my question is, do I need to aquire a new PSU to handle the two graphic cards mentioned? Because that would really suck :(

Thank you.
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    Well either of those two GPUs need max 500 Watts to run so wattage wise you are pretty above the maximum limit. But that PSU of yours isn't a good one.. It has no 80+ certification so, I'd advise you to change it sooner or later.. Its not wise to have cheap PSUs.

    If your PSU doesn't have a 6pin connector you can always buy a molex to 6 pin adapter like this and run the cards until you get a new one:

    Whatever PSU you own, it would definitely have molex connectors. So, you can easily plug that adapter in..
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