Can I delete HFS formatted HDD, reformat it to ntfs and then recover data from it ? will the files be available for recovery

Hfs to ntfs and then recover data ??
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    No once you format there is no guarantee any files will be recoverable. you will have to back up and then format before coping the files back to the drive.
  2. Yes, you are right but my drive is not readable its showing me to format the drive as soon as I connect my drive to computer.
    That's why I wanted to know if there is any possibility to recover file after deleting drive then reformatting or zero chances like a low formatted hdd??
  3. There is a very small chance less so because your trying to pull files off a HFS onto a NTFS FS. Without some way to read the files now I would not count on being able to recover them later. Possible but highly unlikely.

    Your best bet will be a fsck from a Mac then trying to read the files.
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