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Okay. I have tried all the obvious means such as checking plug-ins, reinstalling drivers, and making sure settings are optimal. I get no sound except through the headphone jack on my Logitech g510. No working Mic or lines out. Everything detected as working.

Assuming I had internal sound failure. I bough a Sound Blaster Audigy Fx. Plugged her in installed the drivers and set my defaults... Sure enough... Still problems. Under the sound card I do get noise just clicks and cracking with occasional audio like it's trying to work. Best way I know to describe this is like owning satellite and the signal loss you get in bad weather where the sound chatters in and out.

Reformat is currently not possible. I do not have a good resources to backup all my data I will need. Hoping to find a fix for the audio. It's very important to me for.recording, and editing videos. Please help! I believe it May be a Windows or registry related issue.
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  1. make sure you have the onbord audio disabled through bios to avoid any possible conflict.also check that the correct playback device is selected and the mini-jack(of the speakers) is plugged in the (correct ,green usually) hole of the soundblaster

    also check through volume control if for the speakers is accidentaly, chosen optical or digital output? and also check your speakers if are functional through another device. also try another driver
  2. Sorry I accidentally hit solved. But the issue is not fixed I have tried all these obvious options.
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