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soo i just bought new ram the corsair vengeance 1600mhz 16gb ram kit and i installed it into my pc and set my xmp profile 1 which says 1600mhz but in cpu-z it shows my dram frequencies at 460mhz and in windows task manager it shows 677 mhz its a 4 stick pack so idk if something is divided up between all the sticks or not but neither of the two programs say 1600 is there something wrong with this ram? or what im kinda confused...
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    Look in CPU-Z, (free app) in the memory tab, it will give you true freq (667 = 1333, 800 is 1600 as this is DDR (DOUBLE data rate DRAM)), you may be seeing SPD info with the other setting you are looking at
  2. it doesnt say anything about true frequency i got NB freguency and Dram freq the NB says 2299.9-2300mhz and Dram frequency says 460mhz though all the cas latencies are correct like the box says with 9-9-9-24 hmmm
  3. my build btw is the AMD fx-8350 cpu clocked at 4.6 ghz atm my motherboard is the ASrock 990fx extreme9 the ram is the corsair vengeance 16gb 4x4gb sticks that should be at 1600mhz a 850 watt corsair powersupply and an asus radeon hd 7870 directCU ll idk if any of this info helps oh and two HDD drives dont have an ssd yet
  4. If the memory tab shows 460 as freq then you are running at 920...Go into the BIOS and manually set the DRAM freq to 1600 and the timings to spec, may want to set the DRAM voltage + 0.05 over spec, doesn' look like XMP is working, might also look in the BIOS for EOCP or DOCP and can try enabling either of those and selecting 1600
  5. alrighty soooo ive manage to get it higher now not 800 to double into 1600 but its at 766.6 it didnt give me the option to pick 1600 on the dot was like 1530 is that normal? or should i turn the volts up a bit more idk? kinda confused haha
  6. Might try the next highest available, sounds like may have the NB freq different from norm, if any problem at next highest setting available raise DRAM voltage + 0.05 and CPU/NB voltage about 0.075
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