Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

Hi there!

i recently bought a gaming desktop, but i could not get it to boot(sounds like the PSU cuts after 0.5 seconds after i try to power the desktop up).
Anyway ive tried everything, Barebone boot(CPU, Graphics card, RAM outside case), removing the CMOS battery, paperclip test on PSU, also ive checked the BIOS update the MOBO requires it seems like its up to date aswell.
I figured the MOBO was DOA(i found it cracked at the top right corner of the board).
The green light on the Motherboard is on when i power up the PSU, but there's no CPU light, i find all this quite strange, i figured the MOBO made the PSU cut the power to save the components, but after i try booting the system the green light on the MOBO is still active.
What are your thoughts here?

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
AMD FX 9370 8-core 4.4 ghz
EVGA Gtx 780 SC ACX cooler
Corsair RM750
Crucial Ballistix ELITE 1866Mhz 4x2gb
Cooler Master Seidon 240m
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    You have probably got a faulty motherboard, since you have mentioned that it came cracked at the top right corner. Btw check again for BIOS, i think for 9370 it requires BIOS 1708
  2. 1 ) motherboard damage) cracked on top right corner. That sounds as if the board was dropped on the corner. That might not be covered under warranty.

    2) Crucial Ballistix ELITE 1866Mhz 4x2gb - With no part number listed, it may be the kit is not a single matched kit.

    3) 4 DIMMs at 1866MHz is not a supported configuration without overclocking. You might try using just 2 DIMMs at 1866MHz which is supported.

    4) The 220 watt (TDP) Thermal Design Power CPU requires special cooling. Running 4 DIMMs at 1866MHz speed would require overclocking which makes special cooling even more important since overclocking generates higher temperatures.
  3. Oh im sorry, i ment 4gb x2 @ 1866 mhz but i havent gotten the desktop up and running yet, so i dont know what mhz they will be running anyway.. also i spoke with the store i bought the board from, and they told me to send it back. so i did today, if they find that it was DOA il get a new one(i know i didnt drop the Board, im the kind of guy who spends 1 hour screwing the board to the case because im being so careful).
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