PSU coil whine, black screen & loud gpu fan (need help)

As of 1 week ago my computer started having some really weird coil whine coming from the PSU, and my monitor became black a few times and you could hear the GPU fans go 100%, so i instantly went and dusted the whole thing, after that the gpu problem happened again 3 times now, usually about once a day, and when i turned on the computer today, i had to do a disk check.
I've also experienced some random lag on my computer.
the specs are:
GPU:AMD Raedon HD5850
CPU : intel i5 2500K
8 GB Ram
motherboard:gigabyte H61M-S2PV
the psu is LC power 550W, they are widely spread in europe.

Any help is greatly appreciated because i think the psu is bad and its damaging all my other components, so i want to act fast, but dont know what to replace or do!:(
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  1. i am not reading any good things on lc power psus. you might want to try running your pc with a different, good quality power supply. preferably one from well reputed brand and oem.
  2. Agreed, first step is going to be to replace the PSU. If it is spitting out bad power then it can cause all sorts of issues. Something like a Seasonic tends to be good quality while affordable, though I am not sure about european availability. Whatever you buy make sure it is rated as 80+ Bronze or better.

    Once you have a proper PSU then look into replacing other parts.

    on a side note:
    You have a K-sku processor and a motherboard with a h61 chipset? You may want to consider upgrading your motherboard. A z68 or z77 based motherboard will allow for overclocking, and they are quite cheap now that they are 'older' motherboards.
  3. so i shouldnt swap out the GPU aswell?
    Also, is corsair ok? namely this one ATX 650W CorsairVS
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    Velocirapt0r said:
    so i shouldnt swap out the GPU aswell?
    Also, is corsair ok? namely this one ATX 650W CorsairVS

    corsair is good, but it has better quality model than vs series.
    instead, seasonic s12ii 520 or this one
    would be better.

    you can try booting your pc using the igpu after you take out the gfx card to make sure the rest of the pc is working. then put the card back in and run the pc to see if the gfx card is working.
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