need help for choosing the best MOB and case

Am planning to built a new custom gaming pc. But am confused with the MOB and cabinet. Is der any better options ? My preference is better cooling. I dnt want my cpu/gpu to be fried. My specs will be as follows

Intel core i5 4670k ( ofcourse i wil over clock it )
AMD radeon R9 280x DDR5 3Gb XFX DD edition
MSI Z87 G55 gaming motherboard 32Gb DDR3
G.Skill sniper 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz (4x2)
Cooler master silent pro hybrid 1050watts
Corsair h100i cooler
CM storm trooper / stryker full tower
Samsung 840 evo 120Gb SSD
Seagate barracuda 2TB 7200rpm

Plz help me as this is my first custom built PC. I would like to play bF 4, CRYSIS 3, WATCH DOGS, THE CREW & THE DIVISION in full HD (1920x1200) ultra settings with a min fps of 60-70. Also which is the best controller:

Razer death adder / logitech 400s

Razer black widow / razer death stalker / logitech g510s / logitech g19

Does mechanical keyboards really make sense. I liked the g510s. Will the mechanical keyboard last much longer than the g510s. I havent used a mechanical keyboard before.

Plz help me choose. You can also add new better options if i havent mentioned the best ( without exceeding the budget limit )

Total budget : 1500$

Thanks in advance :)
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    Motherboard is fine, you dont need any more or any less for that setup

    as far as the case goes, it is entirely about preference. the trooper is a great case that i personally own, and it has tonnes of space. if you do get it, i recommend you rotate the hard drive cages before you do all your cableing.

    you also do not need a 1050w psu, at all, you are just wasteing money, as even a quality 850 watt will power two 280x's. i recommend corsairs tx or rm series, or seasonic.

    another thing you could save money on is the cooler. an h80 would cool just fine, and actually works quite well when installed as an intake at the back of your case, and then you have the hot air exhausted out the top (is how i have mine setup, and my 3570k can get to 4.8 and still run under 70c

    another keyboar to look at in that range is the ducky shine 2 or 3 (youtube it)
  2. Thankzzz for ur response

    The reason why i chose h100i is it cost only extra 10$ than the h80i ( in india ) and i cudnt find a corsair h80 in india. Only the h80i is available. There is a h70. Do it make sense ?
    Its is 45$ ( 2800INR :o ) chepr than the h100i.
    I dnt want my cpu to go abv 70 degrees

    And as u have told am switching my psu to corsair TX 850M.
    ( a big thanks for that.. I just saved 90$ )

    Btw the keyboard you recommended is not available in india. Can u choose the best among the ones i have listed. I would really like ur opinion. I checked ur profile n saw that u r really experienced :)
  3. Honestly, they are all great keyboards, and so you should youtube unboxings of the products to see which one you like the look and functionality of the best. the tx 850 is a great psu for even two gpu

    if you are overclocking, the h100 will keep it under 70c up to 4.6ghz for sure, where the h80i would be cutting it pretty close to 70c

    youtube is your best friend for buying new things. just type in the name of the product and then the words "unboxing" or "review"
  4. I liked the functionality of the g510s. Especially that screen.

    Still am confused that a mechanical keyboard like the razer black.widow will be a better decision or not.
  5. like i said, do some youtubing on the keyboards, this is the only way besides actually testing them out personally to see which one might be best for you
  6. Thankss :)
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