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I have just slapped a second r9 290 into my system, after installing a 1200w thermaltake PSU. In Catalyst control centre, I can see my second GPU as "disabled," but can't find any option to enable it, or switch on Crossfire.

Some details:
Old i5 760 with a Asus p7p55d Deluxe (the one with the PCI-E slots.)
1200w PSU
Catalyst 14.1 beta drivers.

I can use the second GPU to mine (not it's primary purpose,) but I have my screen plugged into the first one.

Is there something I'm missing? Is PCI-E 3.0 a requirement for bridgeless crossfire?

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    Try grabbing the 14.2 drivers:

    The PCIe 2.0 or 3.0 should not be an issue, bridgless crossfire is supported by both.
  2. Jep, that is very weird. Maybe all it needed was a driver refresh. Either way, it's working now, thanks.
  3. Ok great. AMD is working really hard on getting new drivers out for the R9 series cards, so performance and stability are always increasing.
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