450W PSU for HD 7790?

12V1 21A 12V2 18A 450W CWT PSU. I'm no expert with PSUs and need to know if the 12V rails are enough for the card.

Rest of system:

I7 3770
1 stick 8GB Ram
HD 7770

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    Yes its fine for a HD 7790 in 450W power supply. I had mine with 430 and no where at above 300W is consumed.

    I would rather get this power supply than the CWT. It has 34A on 12V
  2. Thanks for the solution. What would you say is the best GPU I could get with that PSU, without it being too risky?

    May look into that PSU too.
  3. I would say a GTX 770 and you will consume about 350 watts in total. But here is a side note, you don't want to run your power supply 90-100% of its rated wattage 24/7. This is to prolong the life of your power supply. If you want to run a GTX 780 Ti (your cpu is more than capable of), you need a 650W so it will not run at 90%. More info is this video.
  4. Okay thanks for the help, may upgrade my PSU soon.
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