Did I kill 2 D5 Vario Pumps? Help !


Need some quick advice from you guys:

I have the XSPC Twin D5 Dual bay Pump/reservoir combo.

First time using it I replaced the existing pump/reservoir with this one,hooked everything up, filled it with water and turned on the pumps to start filling the loop.

However, instead of it pumping any water, despite being 3/4 full, it simply made the most horrific squeeching noise you can imagine. Mind you, I only had the pumps on for a few seconds doing this. I tried about 3-4 times (with different levels of water) and once I had it on for about 10seconds or so.

I realised that water wasnt getting into the pumps at all, so I blew into the reservoir filling cap (sealing it with my lips, yes, french kissing reservoirs!) and managed to force water into the outlet tube.

I then turned the pumps back on and it has worked since then.
Loop is filled, pumps dont make any noise and dont vibrate.
The RPM reading is also showing both pumps on par in terms of speed (Speed Dial set to 2), thats about 2550 RPM, fluctuating around 10rpm (both).

MY QUESTION: Have I screwed up the pumps and will they say goodbye in a couple weeks or did I get away with my foolish filling? Does dry running only cause damage if its literally like a minute or so?

Hope you guys have an answer, thats 200£ down the toilet if they mess up
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  1. Sounds like you had a air lock(air bubble) preventing water from getting into the pump. While not the normal way to go about it the end result was the same you broke the air bubble and allowed the water to get into the pump. I do not see any problems in the future to be truthful if it is working now you should be fine.
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