PC randomly locking up/freezing for 30 seconds- a minute!

So my PC will completely freeze for 30 seconds to one minute fairly frequently (4-5 times a day) and it is very frustrating.

-All my drivers are up to date
-I did a memory test and it came back with 0 errors
-Full virus scan by Mcafee came back with no viruses

My spec:
-AMD 6300 6 core CPU
-GTX 650
-Corsair RM550 PSU

Further info -
-My event viewer gave me this error multiple times, (I don't know whether it's related to the freezes): Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Please help me as this is a major hindrance! If you need any more info about my PC just let me know! Thankyou!!
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    what are you're temps including gpu.
  2. Hi, GPU is at about 40 (goes to 50 when gaming) CPU is 40. Case sensors are reading 30. Don't think temps are a problem :/
  3. indeed. do you have the latest nvidia drivers? never go with the ones who comes with a cd.
  4. Yeah I downloaded the latest drivers from their site. So are you thinking this is a GPU problem then?
  5. not sure yet.Do you have the latest bios update
  6. I'm not sure, how do I check?
  7. whats you're motherboard?
  8. Ok thankyou! Thanks for your help, i'll try that and check back here tomorrow to see if it has worked :)
  9. Make sure you stay connected to the internet at all times so you don't mess up your BIOS.
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