Random rebooting on new system

I just put a new system together, but it's having a major problem. It will randomly reboot itself. Sometimes I can work for a few hours, sometimes it reboots immediately after I arrive at the desktop. The specs are

Asus H87 plus motherboard
Intil i7 (haswell)
Geforce 560 (from previous system)
Kingston solid state drive
A few other hard drives from previous system.
Windows 8.1

I've tried replacing the power supply. I've triple checked all the connections to the motherboard.
The only pattern I can see is when I try to install Windows 7, it consistently reboots itself in the early stages of installation, shortly after clicking "install now". Windows 8.1 installed fine though.I do have to go back to Windows 7 though, because there is a piece of video hardware that doesn't work in Windows 8.

I'm going crazy here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. Check your memory timings and voltage. Maybe there is a issue where it might need a little bump (most DDR3 runs at 1.5V. I think that is also the max that it (Haswell) can handle. Might want to replace the memory (or just re-seat it) and see if that helps. I had a similar issue about 5 years ago with a Q8200.

    Last thing (I had to edit my post to put this here) is double check your motherboards qualified vendors list. Not all memory is equal and it would be best to use something they have tested and quaranteed compatibility with. Good Luck.
  2. I think my memory is okay. I did a memory test, and it came back fine.

    My best guess as to the problem right now is actually the case I put it in. I bought it 'open box'. I'm pretty sure there was a few pieces missing, and one of the wires in it was broken. It's possible the power or reset switch wires are slightly damaged, and it's tripping a reset.
    Since I have to take it all apart to do that, I'll probably exchange the motherboard too, just to eliminate that as a problem too.
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    Hate to be the one to tell you but Memtest isn't going to tell you if you have a voltage issue with memory. Could be you need to set it manually in the BIOS. If possible swap it out and then do whatever causes the reboots before. As for the power or reset buttons causing a reset, no. I don't think so. Those are what are called momentary switches and only send signal to the motherboard when pressed. I highly doubt thats an issue, but if you want to test it, just pull them from the MB and CAREFULLY use a small screwdriver to jump the correct pins on the MB (or some MB's have built on Power and Reset buttons). Use caution because if you jump the wrong pins you might cause damage.
  4. Thanks for the help. I'm pretty sure I've eliminated the RAM as the cause of this issue. I exchanged the RAM for some that was on the qualified vendors list. The voltage for the RAM was set to 1.5v on both the old and the new RAM.
    The CPU was set to 1.2v. Not sure if that's proper or what.

    It has to be a bad motherboard. I think I've eliminated every other component as the problem.
  5. If you think so, and you've replaced every part so far then yeah, could just be a buggy MB. For some reason I doubt it, but hey I've been wrong before. Exchange that mother!
  6. Pretty sure I found the problem. We brought the MB back to the store, and discovered that several of the pins were bent in the CPU socket. That would totally cause this problem. I'm almost lucky it worked at all.
    I have to finish building the rest of it tomorrow to confirm that, but I'm pretty sure that's it.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
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